JUN 10, 2015 12:30 PM PDT

Colon Cancer Diagnostic Tool

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  • SE Regional Manager, Hemosure
      Rob Kisfalusi is a specialty expert in rapid diagnostic medical devices with enthusiasm for Colorectal Cancer Awareness. Selling a medical device is one thing, but making an impact on the lives of people is far more rewarding. His belief is that we are all part of a team and the goals of the team are simple: Save lives and/or make the quality of life better for people. The tasks may differ, but the goal should remain. Rob's favorite task is educating healthcare providers on new recommendations and methodologies. He loves to see the 'aha' moment when they not only understand how to perform a test, but more importantly, why. Rob will continue to learn, educate and disseminate beneficial information to the masses.

    Discussion of the guaiac based test introduced in 1971 and its' shortcomings versus Fecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT) and how it relates to acute and non-acute facilities. Why is FIT the preferred test? What is Colorectal Cancer and why do I care about it? How important is awareness and detection? Why is screening important and how is it done? Recommended screening tests and other tests available History of guaiac-based cards and specific prep DRE Warning ACG recommendation from 2008 FIT Advantages Other countries Usage stats Side - by - Side comparison, guaiac vs. FIT Comparison of various FIT and discussion regarding cutoff levels Summary: CRC Is the 2nd leading killer in Cancers The ACG recommends ABANDONING older gFOBT DRE is NOT an acceptable form of CRC screening, even when used with a guaiac-based card. FIT has higher patient compliance rate FIT may generate significant revenue to your practice The GOLD STANDARD is whichever recommended test you can actually get the patient to complete.

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