SEP 18, 2018 10:00 AM CST

WEBINAR: Complete and Innovative Western Workflow Solutions: Filling the Gap Between Art and Science (Presented in Chinese)

C.E. CREDITS: P.A.C.E. CE | Florida CE
  • Technical Application Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific (技术应用专家)
      Jiao Yang works as a technical application specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Shanghai, China. She received her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She has been working on the mechanism of protein degradation for about six years and has published a paper in cell research as a first-time author. In 2016, she joined Thermo Fisher Scientific and supports products in protein biology.

      杨娇女士现为Thermo Fisher Scientific公司技术应用专家,在中国上海工作,拥有中科院生化细胞所博士学位。杨娇女士曾在中国中科院生化细胞所从事蛋白质降解机制研究工作长达六年,以共同第一作者在Cell Research杂志发表文章。 2016年,加入赛默飞世尔科技公司,支持蛋白质生物学产品。


    Western blotting is a widely used and accepted technique to detect levels of protein expression in a cell or tissue extract. This webinar will cover the electrophoresis, transfer, and detection steps of the western blotting workflow, highlight our popular products, and introduce tips and tricks for superior western analysis to make western blotting more efficient and effective.

    Western blotting是科研工作者广泛使用的一种技术,用于检测细胞或者组织裂解液中的蛋白表达情况。本次讲座将会讲述western blotting的流程,包括电泳、转膜、检测三大模块;同时介绍我们公司能为客户提供的western blotting全流程的解决方案,以及western blotting相关小贴士,目的帮助客户更加有效和高质量的获得western blotting结果。

    Learning Objectives:

    • Overview of the critical steps in protocols for western blot, electrophoresis, protein transfer, and western detection
    • Learn about our total western blotting solutions
    • Tips and tricks for superior western blot analysis
    • 掌握western blotting的整个流程
    • 了解赛默飞western blotting的相关工具
    • 获得完美western blotting结果的小贴士

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