SEP 08, 2021 10:30 AM PDT

A CRISPR-Powered Universal Infectious Disease Assay

Sponsored by: Jumpcode Genomics


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought awareness to the dangers of emerging pathogens to global human health and welfare. Sensitivity and flexibility are important features for methods used to detect emerging pathogens. While PCR testing is rapid and sensitive, a significant advantage next generation sequencing (NGS) approaches have over PCR-based analyses is the ability to detect previously undiscovered pathogens while also providing genomic information that can detect SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence, identify source of co-infection, and the host transcriptional response in a single workflow. The critical component enabling this approach is Jumpcode CRISPRclean technology which removes abundant human and bacterial ribosomal RNA sequences from NGS libraries. Metatranscriptomics powered by CRISPR-mediated depletion of rRNA offers a robust methodology to acquire viral genomic data, microbiome composition, co-infection information, and the transcriptional status of the host immune response in a single workflow. This sequencing-based approach can be available on the first day of the next viral outbreak and should be considered as a first-line test for novel zoonotic virus detection.


Learning Objectives:

1.    Learn about metagenomic sample prep.

2.    Learn about metagenomic sequencing.

3.    Learn about metagenomic analysis.

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