September 22, 2022 11:00AM SGT

Can Definitive Drug Screening Become Routine? Automation and Data Management Challenges

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  • Thomas Rosano

    Toxicologist and Director at the National Toxicology Center and Professor Emeritus at the Albany Medical College

Event Date & Time
Date:  September 22, 2021
Time: 11:00am SGT
While definitive LC-MS/MS methods are well established in confirmatory testing protocols, drug screening is still performed by presumptive methods in many areas of clinical and forensic toxicology.  
An earlier webinar compared presumptive and definitive screening method outcomes and showed evidence of enhanced drug selectivity and detection rates along with significant reduction in both false positive and negative test results using definitive methods of screening.   

Conversion to definitive methods of drug screening with expanded drug panels is clearly needed but the challenges of high-volume screening with mass spectrometry technology has slowed the transition to definitive screening across the toxicology sub-specialty areas
 The hurdles on the way to definitive screening include automated sample preparation, rapid chromatography separation, analyte-specific matrix normalization, large data-set management, alternative confirmatory methodology and economic/regulatory considerations. 

This webinar will focus on navigating these hurdles and on one laboratory’s experience with conversion to definitive screening and confirmation protocols in clinical and forensic practice.
Learning Objectives
  • Dicuss the use of automated sample preparation and rapid chromatographic separation for high-volume screening by LC-MS/MS analysis.
  • Discuss the effects of sample matrix on drug test accuracy and the techniques used for analyte-specific normalization of matrix effects.
  • Describe MS acquisition data management for criteria-driven quality control and high-volume casework screening.
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