NOV 28, 2018 7:00 AM CET

Discover how single-cell RNA sequencing provides deeper insights into lung cancer biology

Sponsored by: Illumina, 10x Genomics


DATE: November 28, 2018
TIME: 7:00AM PST, 4:00PM CET

Single-cell genomics enables a deep dive into the mechanisms responsible for health and disease, in areas from cancer biology to neurobiology. This webinar will show how single-cell RNA sequencing enabled the creation of a lung tumor microenvironment catalog with more than 50,000 individual cells, offering novel insights into this complex ecosystem. Presented by Dr. Bernard Thienpont from VIB in Leuven, Belgium.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how single-cell sequencing with 10x Genomics and Illumina can enable new scientific discoveries
  • Learn how single-cell gene expression helped to expand our view of lung tumor microenvironment heterogeneity


Annika will discuss: Transform your understanding of genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics—10x Technology and Applications

Whether you want to dissect cell-type differences, investigate the adaptive immune system, or look at tumor heterogeneity on a single cell level, the Chromium System from 10x Genomics is the answer. In this brief presentation I will describe how to characterize and profile hundreds to millions of single cells, combine immune profiling with gene expression data for the same single cell and how to investigate cancer pathogenesis through single cell tumor sub-clones. Further more, the most impending product launches from 10x such as Single Cell ATAC solution and Single Cell Feature Barcode Solution will be briefly discussed. Learn how to enhance your biological discoveries with high-throughput single cell products from 10x Genomics.

Pawel will discuss: Exploring biological systems at single-cell resolution with Illumina sequencing

Single-cell sequencing is a collection of methods to examine the genome, transcriptome or epigenome of individual cells. In contrast to studies on bulk material, giving an average across the sample, masking the contributions of individual cells, single-cell analysis provides a high-resolution view of cell types and cell-to-cell variability. Technological advances in the single-cell field over the last couple of years are fuelling a revolution in biology research leading to a deeper understanding of mechanisms in health and disease, in areas spanning cancer biology to immunology, developmental biology to neurobiology. Please join us at this webinar to learn more about the latest news and how Illumina helps to deliver on the promise of single-cell biology.


Sponsored by:

Illumina - Illumina is transforming human health as the global leader in sequencing and array-based technologies. Illumina’s flexible and scalable sequencing systems support and enable a wide range of single-cell sequencing applications, from low-throughput deep interrogation of rare cell populations to high-throughput profiling of tissues. For more information, please visit


10x Genomics, Inc - 10x Genomics, Inc. is building tools for scientific discovery that reveal and address the true complexities of biology and disease. Through a combination of novel microfluidics, chemistry and bioinformatics, our award-winning Chromium System is enabling researchers around the world to more fully understand the fundamentals of biology at unprecedented resolution and scale. Learn more at

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NOV 28, 2018 7:00 AM CET

Discover how single-cell RNA sequencing provides deeper insights into lung cancer biology

Sponsored by: Illumina, 10x Genomics


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