Apr 13, 2021

The effects of micro and nanoplastics on biota in the aquatic environment: what we know about hazard and risk

  • Susanne Brander, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor at the Dept. Of Fisheries and Wildlife, Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station, Oregon State University


I will first discuss findings from the larger field on microplastics effects across taxa in freshwater and marine ecosystems, and then cover ongoing work in our research group comparing responses to a diversity of paired exposures to different micro and nanoplastic particle types (fragments, fibers) in estuarine and freshwater fish and invertebrate model organisms. Findings include impacts on development, growth, behavior, and survival and take into consideration varying abiotic factors such as salinity, with varied sensitivity between fish (Danio rerio, Menidia beryllina) and invertebrates (Daphnia magna, Americamysis bahia). These data are being used to parameterize a Bayesian risk assessment model, which will predict potential impacts of plastic pollution on freshwater and coastal ecosystems.

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