Enabling Translation of Biomarker Research to Clinical Practice



The continued evolution of precision medicine from the early successes seen in Oncology to other areas of medicine, in particular, Chronic Disease Management, is dependent on the efficient translation of biomarker discovery from the research laboratory to clinical practice. This journey can only be achieved through a rigorous process involving multiple stakeholders including clinical research, regulatory agencies, pharma industry, health systems, diagnostics manufacturers, digital and data technologists, payors and patients.  In this talk we will describe how all these elements are applied in a way that enables precision medicine to deliver on the promise of the right information being available at the right time to ensure the optimal treatments are delivered to patients who need them most.

Learning Objectives:

1. Explain what the steps are to translating biomarkers to clinical practice.

2. Describe who are the stakeholders in this journey.

3. Describe what the challenges are and how can these be addressed.

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