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Engineering Biology for a Sustainable Future

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  • Founder, Nancy J Kelley + Associates
      Nancy J Kelley is a senior executive and lawyer with exceptional leadership ability and management skills. She has over twenty years of executive management and board experience in starting, growing, and restructuring organizations, raising capital, recruiting diverse management teams, creating and implementing strategic plans, developing real estate, developing internet based information platforms, data warehouses and marketing/branding. She has a particularly deep understanding of the healthcare, life science and research fields and has in-depth knowledge of the related legal, business, government, non-profit and academic sectors.

      Nancy J Kelley served as the Founding Executive Director of the New York Genome Center. From its establishment in 2010 by its 11 Institutional Founding Members, she led the Center from a start up through its current stage of becoming a fully operational, world class genomics research center and provider of cutting edge sequencing and bioinformatics services, raising $110 million to do so. Many of NYGC's foundational elements, such as its Pilot Laboratory at Rockefeller University, the NYGC Innovation Center, and key clinical and technology partnerships, were established under her leadership. Ms. Kelley oversaw the selection and build out of NYGC's permanent facility at 101 Avenue of the Americas in New York City, which opened in September, 2013. She also recruited a large scientific and management team as well as several of the Center's Associate Members.

    Synthetic biology—the design and construction of new biological parts, devices, and systems, and the redesign of natural biological systems for useful purposes—is contributing sustainable and innovative solutions to numerous, pressing human needs and global challenges. First established as a scientific discipline, just over ten years ago, technical advances in the field continue to open up new possibilities in healthcare, agriculture, chemicals, materials, energy, and bioremediation. With an expected global market of $10.8 billion by 2016, synthetic biology will play an important role in the bioeconomy and has increasing implications for future US competitiveness and employment.

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