DEC 19, 2017 08:00 AM PST

WEBINAR: European Pharmacopoeia and complete TOC oxidation for PW and WFI

  • Senior Marketing Manager, Beckman Coulter
      Tony held the Convenorship of the ISO Working Group revising ISO 14698-1 & -2 for microbial control in cleanrooms and was the UK subject matter expert to the ISO Working Group who issued the 2015 revised versions of the ISO 14644-1 & -2 documents for cleanroom classification at the heart of the aseptic manufacturing chapters of both the European GMP and the USA cGMP documents.

      Tony holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and is employed by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences as a Senior Marketing Manager.

      Experienced in water system TOC, conductivity and ozone analysis and cleanroom environmental monitoring as well as particle characterisation, Tony has spent the last fifteen years in applied metrology for the pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing industries. Prior to that, he worked for companies providing process control automation solutions for manufacturing industries.

      Tony was joint-editor on the ISPE Guide to Ozone Sanitization of Pharmaceutical Water Systems and was also chief editor of the PHSS Best Practice Guide for Cleanroom Monitoring.

      Tony is a well-known international speaker and has provided educational seminars on TOC, liquid particle counting, ozone sanitization for water systems and cleanroom monitoring in UK, France, Italy, India, Malaysia, China, USA, Scandinavia, Ireland, Hungary, Switzerland, Indonesia, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Egypt, Denmark, Poland, Italy and most recently South Africa and Columbia.


    DATE: December 19, 2017
    TIME:  8:00 AM PT, 11:00 AM ET

    In its chapter on TOC for WFI and PW, the European Pharmacopoeia calls for complete TOC oxidation. This webinar discusses the importance of complete oxidation of TOC for accurate WFI and PW TOC analysis and how on-line TOC analyser can be designed to ensure accurate TOC analysis.

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