MAY 31, 2013 09:00 AM PDT

EZQC™ Online: A Web-Based Tool for Quality Control Management

  • Staff Scientist, Life Technologies
      Jerry Boonyaratanakornkit has been part of Life Technologies since 2006 in the Research and Development department of Life Technologies with emphasis on clinical standards and controls. He has developed, Infectious, Respiratory, HAI, Transplantation, and Oncology standards and controls for molecular assays. He has an intense focus on exceeding customer needs and developing products that provide innovative solutions to the clinical lab. In 2010, Jerry led the launch of the EZValidation cloud-based tool that assisted molecular labs in implementing quantitative molecular assays. Subequently in 2013, the next generation tool, EZQC was launched that supported implementing, calibrating, and monitoring of complex quantitative molecular assays.


    The process of implementing molecular assays in labs can be tedious, with new labs lacking knowledge and existing labs wanting to simplify and streamline their implementation process. Our web-based tool will help labs overcome this challenge by walking labs through the validation process, providing guidelines and other quality control (QC) solutions to assist laboratories in meeting their verification, validation and semi-annual calibration verification requirements. The advantages to this web-based tool also includes print-ready reports, daily QC monitoring of assays, peer comparison and prompts for periodic calibration per CLIA42 CFR493.  

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