JUN 09, 2015 9:00 AM PDT

Foundations for Lean

Sponsored by: Cardinal Health

Our healthcare system is under more pressure than ever to improve community health, access to care and patient outcomes when people do become ill or injured. Along with improved effectiveness, improved efficiency and cost containment are expected. In recent years, more and more discussion is occurring around the use of lean in the medical laboratory to help solve those problems. During this session we will explore the foundations of lean and the components of a lean operating system with applications to the medical laboratory. Lean is so much more than a box full of tools. Although the tools of lean are useful in their own right, they become more powerful when used in the context of a lean operating system. The lean operating system defines the ways we behave and lead, think about and solve problems. Learning Objectives: Identify foundational elements of lean Identify application opportunities in the laboratory

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