APR 07, 2021 2:15 PM EDT

Gene Editing Validation with Highly-Accurate HiFi Reads



In this fireside chat, we’ll discuss how gene editing protocols can benefit from long-read sequencing at various stages to optimize and enhance vector integrity, which cannot be addressed using alternative approaches. With PacBio® Single-Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) sequencing, packaged genomes can be comprehensively profiled and vector integrity directly assessed without extensive preparation. Additionally, latest advances in SMRT sequencing have enabled greater accuracy of gene editing protocols, from early QC steps in AAV preps to characterization of on-/off-targets. In sum, leveraging PacBio's HiFi reads enable a much more comprehensive understanding of vector diversity, provide greater understanding of specific on-target changes, and discriminates sample heterogeneity at single-molecule resolution – allowing researchers discovery that cannot be interrogated with other sequencing methods due to read length limitations or amplification biases.

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