DEC 06, 2022 9:00 AM PST

Illumina innovation roadmap featuring the NovaSeq™ X series

ASHG 2022, Industry Education recorded session

Sponsored by: Illumina

Event Date & Time
DATE:  December 6, 2022
TIME:   9:00am PT, 12:00am ET
Over the last several years, many health challenges were magnified due to the pandemic, driving historic innovation across the global scientific community. In particular, the crucial role that genomics can play in transforming precision medicine and care delivery came to the forefront. From vaccines and therapies to early cancer detection and diagnostics, there was greater adoption of genomic medicine in the last year than ever before in history – and this is just the beginning. Technologic advancements in sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry and bioinformatics, together with long-read sequencing assays that can deliver contiguous data up to 10Kb, expand the breadth of applications on Illumina platforms by enabling the most accurate and comprehensive view of the genome, including SNPs, indels and structural variants that will fuel the next era of genomic medicine. In this presentation, we will describe the technical innovations that are driving improvements in next-generation sequencing capabilities and highlight how this technology enables precision medicine applications.

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