MAY 14, 2020 1:00 PM SGT

Implementation of Multigene Testing for 1st line NSCLC - A Malaysian initiative



The prevalence of EGFR mutation rate positivity in NSCLC is high in Asia, and this is the case in Malaysia as well. This presentation will provide Malaysia’s approach in implementation of NGS in 1st line testing for NSCLC. The challenges posed by the discovery of an increasing number of driver mutations amenable to targeted therapy, the need to often work with small biopsy samples and a requirement to improve turnaround times were critical issues  that prompted a change in workflow from single to multigene panel testing. A small patient cohort study conducted with the participation of diagnostics and pharma partners  confirmed the integral part molecular testing plays in the theragnostic approach to patient care. This multigene testing approach also provides further insights into other concomitantly occurring molecular biomarkers which may have potential prognostic value. 


Learning Objectives:

1. Explain what factors drive NSCLC molecular testing towards Multigene Testing

2. Identify the barriers for adopting NGS Multigene Testing 

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