APR 19, 2022 6:00 AM PDT

KAPA HyperPETE: A Novel Primer Extension Target Enrichment Solution for Rapid and Reliable Variant Detection Results

Sponsored by: Roche Sequencing


Target enrichment workflows for Next Generation Sequencing are well-established methods that enable labs to achieve relatively low sequencing costs by specifically sequencing regions of interest. Often we make trade-off decisions between performance and turnaround time depending on which method they decide to use in their labs. 

KAPA HyperPETE is a novel target enrichment technology that combines the performance of hybrid-capture with the speed and simplicity of amplicon-based workflows. In addition, it is optimized to detect all major somatic variant types (SNV, CNV, InDel, MSI status, and novel fusion transcript partners), and can be performed on tissue DNA, plasma DNA, and tissue RNA samples. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Discuss the science behind Primer Extension Target Enrichment (PETE) technology.

2. Explain how KAPA HyperPETE reduces bias and increases the accuracy of sequencing data.

3. List performance metrics for KAPA HyperPETE panels for somatic tissue DNA, somatic tissue RNA, and cfDNA inputs.

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