OCT 19, 2022 7:30 AM PDT

Keynote Presentation: The Direct and Indirect Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Children with Live Q&A

Presented at: Coronavirus Series
C.E. Credits: P.A.C.E. CE Florida CE
  • Scott A. Rivkees, MD

    Professor of Practice and Vice Chair, Department of Health Services, Policy and Practice Brown University School of Public Health


In the US, there are about 75 million individuals less than 18 years of age.  COVID-19 has had a major impact on the pediatric population, as there have been more than 13.5 million documented cases of COVID-19 infection in the US, more than 130,000 children hospitalized due to COVID-19 and more that 1,400 COVID-19- related deaths.  Based on seropositivity studies, it is estimated that up to 80% of children may have been infected with COVID-19.  In addition to the considerable medical effects of COVID-19, the pandemic has had a major impact on pediatric care providers, child socialization and education, and on mental health.  The COVID-19 pandemic has also adversely affected pediatric primary care resulting in reduced childhood vaccination rates.  Children and pediatric health care have also been the target of misinformation campaigns.  Attention is needed to address and prepare for the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the pediatric population. 

Learning Objectives:
1.   Discuss the epidemiology of COVID-19 on the pediatric population
2.   Discuss COVID-19 pediatric vaccination.
3.   Discuss the social and educational impact of the pandemic on children.

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