APR 06, 2016 07:30 AM PDT

Keynote Speaker: Recent Progress in Predictive Biomarker Testing in Oncology

  • Director of Molecular Pathology, Carolinas Pathology Group
      After completing his undergraduate work in Applied Biology at Georgia Tech, John received his Ph.D. in Medical Genetics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and his Doctorate in Medical Genetics at the Greenwood Genetic Center.
      Since 2001 he has worked with the Carolinas Pathology Group as Director of Molecular Pathology for the Carolinas Laboratory Network. His primary responsibility is supervision of the Molecular Pathology Laboratory which provides state of the art molecular testing services for the hospitals and facilities within the Carolinas HealthCare system.
      Dr Longshore is a diplomate of the American Board of Medical Genetics in Clinical Molecular Genetics and an active member of the American College of Medical Genetics, the American Society of Human Genetics and the Association for Molecular Pathology. Away from his professional life, John enjoys fly fishing, swimming, travel and spending time with his wife and children.


    Recent advances in personalized medicine and associated companion diagnostic therapeutics have led to an increased utilization of genetic markers in oncology therapy selection.  The rapid acceleration of biomarker driven therapy has been widely accepted into clinical guidelines based upon proven clinical utility and unprecedented patient outcomes.  During this presentation, a discussion of processes used for tissue acquisition and processing, pre-analytics, biomarker testing, and result reporting will be presented.  A special emphasis will be given to the discussing the power and pitfalls of common biomarker testing techniques such as real-time PCR companion diagnostic testing, immunohistochemistry, FISH, and next-generation sequencing panels. The goal of this presentation is to help improve the oncology patient journey by increasing access to high quality biomarker testing.

    Learing Objectives:

    • To understand the fundamentals of personalized medicine and companion diagnostics
    • To review current therapeutic products associated with companion and complementary diagnostics
    • To gain an understanding of the future of personalized medicine in oncology

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