Lipidomics and Lipidomics in Research



There are approximately 2000 distinct lipids which are believed to influence health and disease in humans. Their molecular interplay with genes, proteins and metabolites is strongly affected by the cellular supply of each of these lipids. A disordered lipid metabolism, system-wide or on a cellular basis, can fuel the development of diseases, including cancer. Lipidomics is the systems biology of lipids and lipid pathways and studies their role in health and disease. Here we show how lipidomics was applied in a variety of research projects ranging from basic science to clinical and industrial research, from organellar samples to tissue and body fluids, and from small scale pilot projects to population cohort analyses with several thousands of lipidomics profiles.

Learning Objectives:

1. Explain what lipidomics is

2. Identify relevant research areas for lipidomics analysis

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