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Liposomes for Drug Delivery and Targeting: Examples of Their Potential from Our Laboratories Research

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  • Professor, University of Patras & Institute of Chemical Engineering FORTH/ICE-HT
      Sophia G. Antimisiaris received her B.Pharm (1984) and Ph.D in Pharmaceutics (1988) from Athens University, Greece. She worked as a Post-doc research assistant in the School of Pharmacy of the University of South California, Los Angeles for 2 years (1989-1990), and then became a Lecturer of Pharmaceutical Technology in the University of Patras in Greece, where she became the head of the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology (from 2002) and a full Professor in 2009. During a sabbatical leave from Patras, she worked on Liposome Technologies for Advanced Drug Delivery applications as a Visiting Professor in the School of Pharmacy, University of London, group of Prof. Gregory Gregoriadis from 1992 till 1993. From 2006, after invitation, she is a collaborating member of the Institute of Chemical Engineering of the Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), the largest research Institute in Greece.
      SGA's research group focuses on the development of liposomal nanomedicines for controlled and/or targeted drug delivery. She has received funding from National and European sources (FP6, INTERREG, Marie Curie, FP7), as well as Industry. Her group was responsible for the development of advanced liposomal formulations in several large collaborating European projects (SHIVA, Euro-PhD in Advanced Drug Delivery Systems, NAD), as well as numerous National research programs. She is the main author of more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and more than 25 book chapters and review articles. She has mentored more than 25 MSc students and 11 PhD Thesis and participated in the advisory committees of more than 50 Post-graduate degrees in Greece and other countries. She is a member of AAPS, CRS (& CRS-Greek Chapter), ILS and other National and International Scientific Societies, and inventor of 5 Greek, 1 European, 1 US and 1 World patent.


    In the last years a number of advanced nanotechnologies have been proposed developed for the  administration of drugs (nanomedicines for drug delivery), in order to provide possibilities to control their release rate, as well as their bio-distribution, and additionally preserve their stability. Between the various types of nano-medicines for drug delivery, our laboratory has expertise in the design and development of liposomal formulations, which have the advantage of being composed of completely biocompatible ingredients between others. 

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