Live-Cell Analysis of Cell Subsets and Heterogeneity



Our new cell-by-cell analysis module allows users to ‘count and classify’ heterogeneity in cell populations over time.

This software uses novel algorithms to segment the HD phase-contrast images which facilitates (1) label-free true cell counting (2) extraction of basic morphological features of individual cells (e.g. size, shape), and (3) measurement of fluorescence intensity that originates from within each cell (‘fluorescence within a phase boundary’). The ability to analyse at a cell-by-cell level will enable the characterisation of subsets and the power to monitor these individual groups in their response to various stimuli.

In this webinar Clare discusses:

  • Overview and validation of the cell-by-cell analysis module
  • How cell-by-cell analysis enables monitoring and quantification of dynamic phenotypic changes in heterogeneous populations
  • Examples of how the software may be used for cell subset identification in order to provide an end-to-end solution for the study of heterogeneous populations in 96 well format

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Live-Cell Analysis of Cell Subsets and Heterogeneity

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