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Make new discoveries - with Qlucore's visualization based software

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Within the field of bioinformatics, scientists and organizations struggle with multiple problems. Key problems are the large amount of data and that the people who understand biology (or chemistry or) are not able to do analysis by themselves. This leads to lower quality results and suboptimal use of organizational resources. Bioinformatics is a broad discipline, covering both basic data analysis support functions as well as advanced analysis and bioinformaticians are often charged with tasks that are ill adapted to their expertise.

However, there are solutions available.

The software program Qlucore Omics Explorer turns the world of bioinformatics software on its head. It's so easy to use that a biomedical scientist no longer have to turn to an expert in Bioinformatics to explore a data sets and verify hypotheses. It can now be done by the biomedical scientists!

This is possible since the program combines powerful statistical methods with real time visualization and an intuitive user interface. With Omics Explorer you immediately see a visual presentation of all results. Most actions only require one or two mouse-clicks!

In addition to the highly interactive work model based on dynamic PCA, metrics such as the innovative Projection Score guides also inexperienced users to select correct settings of filter values.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to analyze a large data set using innovative visualization techniques
  • Understand how the introduction of easy to use bioinformatics software can increase project efficiency and free up bottleneck bioinformatic resources.

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