JUN 10, 2015 11:00 AM PDT

Managing Laboratory Utilization

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Appropriate utilization of laboratory testing is important for the quality and safety in the healthcare system and to assist in the control of unnecessary costs in the healthcare system. Performing the right testing, on the right patient at the right time might be an overused phrase, but it succinctly describes the purpose of utilization management. Performing additional laboratory tests, appropriately can avoid more expensive diagnostic exams or unnecessary procedures, while performing unnecessary tests can not only add to cost, but can result in anemia due to excessive blood collection and may actually result in unnecessary testing in the future. This session will summarize a number of existing, successful strategies to assure more appropriate utilization of laboratory testing. Some of these strategies include developing a laboratory test formulary, following diagnostic testing algorithms, utilizing data to identify ordering physician outliers and the powerful use of tools in the electronic medical record (or health record) to assist in the appropriate ordering of laboratory tests. Learning Objectives: Describe the use of a laboratory test formulary to assist in appropriate utilization of laboratory testing. Describe the importance of information technology (Laboratory information systems and EMR/HER systems) in enabling appropriate utilization of laboratory testing. List three effective strategies to reduce unnecessary test utilization

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