OCT 22, 2020 12:05 PM PDT

Molecular Testing of NSCLC Biopsies: Making mountains out of molehills



Molecular testing of NCSLC biopsies is extremely important in the care and management of these patients.  However, NCSLC biopsies are typically very small and require multiple types of analysis for complete workup including H&E for diagnosis, IHC for classification, and FISH, IHC and NGS for biomarker testing.  This talk will focus on overcoming some of the challenges laboratories face when working with such a limited amount of tissue and how NGS can help.

Learning Objectives:

1. Review clinical guidelines for molecular testing of testing of non-small cell lung cancer specimens

2. Become familiar with recommendations for biopsy tissue stewardship 

3. How NGS can be used for molecular testing of NSCLC biopsies

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