Nanotherapeutics: An insight into healthcare and future multi-dimensional clinical applications



In recent years Nanotherapeutics has revolutionized the healthcare strategies and envisioned to have a tremendous impact to offer better health facilities. It involves design, fabrication, regulation, and application of therapeutic drugs and devices having a size in nano-range (1–100 nm). Owing to the revolutionary implications in drug delivery and gene therapy, lipid nanoparticles has gained increasing research interest in the current medical sector of the modern world. Current clinical efforts are focused on vaccination, protein replacement therapies, and treatment of genetic diseases. Since the first pre-clinical studies in the 1990s, significant progress in the clinical translation of mRNA therapeutics has been made through advances in the design of mRNA manufacturing and intracellular delivery methods. The growth of such powerful biologic therapeutics has gone hand in hand with the progress in delivery systems technology, which is absolutely required to improve their safety and effectiveness.

One of the most developed methods for RNA delivery is co-formulation into lipid nanoparticles (LNP). LNP as drug delivery vehicles is becoming more attractive because it can pack drug product more efficiently, enhance its bioavailability, and target specific cells. In this presentation, we discuss the revolution of lipid nanoparticles into precision medicine and recent advances in biomaterials and drug delivery strategies, challenges for clinical translations of RNA based therapeutics with an overview of the future clinical applications in protein therapy, gene editing, and vaccination.

Learning Objectives:

1. What current Nanomedicine are being developed for drug delivery

2. Why use lipid nanoparticles for RNA delivery

3. Recent advances and clinical applications

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