FEB 24, 2021 4:30 PM PST

Novel Solutions for High Throughput Antibody and Protein Purification Using Magnetic Beads Platform

Sponsored by: GenScript


High throughput purification is a critical step for antibody engineering and screening. Protein purification using traditional protein A resin columns is limited by throughput and a complicated sample preparation process, which makes it challenging to extend to high throughput antibody purification. Magnetic beads-based purification systems are simpler to operate as they eliminate the need to remove cells by centrifugation and sample filtration, and are easily applied to high throughput purification while providing significant savings in time and labor. Here we present novel solutions, such as the AmMag SA Plus semi-automatic purification device and AmMag protein A and AmMag Ni magnetic purification beads that enable high-throughput antibody and protein purification respectively. The tools and techniques described here are expected to significantly speed up purification and screening while increasing cost-effectiveness.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learning about purifying protein and antibodies in just 45 to 50 minutes

2. Eluting with minimum 0.4 ml buffer in a 50 ml tube

3. Complete process of washing and elution done automatically

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