FEB 03, 2016 10:00 AM PST

Outreach 101: Why Initiating an Outreach Program is Vital to Your Lab's Future - and How To Do It!

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  • Manager of Point of Care Testing and Outreach Operations, Huntsville Hospital
      Kristi Campbell is experienced in management and supervision within the laboratory field including staff and project management (internal as well as cross-disciplinary projects). She possess comprehensive understanding of various laboratory departments' similarities and differences and contribution to the overall product offering of the clinical laboratory, as well as understanding of how the role of the laboratory in the overall function and effectiveness of the hospital organization. She is also experienced in staff training and ongoing coaching to optimize personal performance.
    • Administrative Director, Huntsville Hospital
        Vicky McClain has been employed at Huntsville Hospital for over 40 years and has been the Administrative Laboratory Director of the Clinical Laboratory since 1992. She earned a master's degree from Central Michigan University. Vicky was given two primary goals in 1993, which included developing a point-of-care program for the hospital and developing an Outreach program, both of which were challenging, but rewarding. She has lectured frequently on the topic of "building a successful outreach program," and more recently on the topic of "outreach billing strategies." Huntsville Hospital Laboratory continues to be successful in the competitive laboratory environment by continually focusing on customer service, patient safety and quality improvement. Through collaboration with the patient accounting, registration, medical records, IT and contracting departments, the laboratory has tackled many of the common challenges of laboratory outreach.
      • CFO, Huntsville Hospital
          Kelli Powers, CFO, was recently named one of Alabama's Most Powerful and Influential Women by the National Diversity Council. Fifteen women from throughout the state were presented the award during a conference in Birmingham.

        DATE:  February 3rd, 2016
        TIME:  10am pacific time, 1pm eastern time

        Instituting a laboratory outreach program achieves a multitude of benefits beyond driving optimization, testing efficiency and medical value.

        Huntsville Hospital CFO Kelli Powers partners with Lab Administrative Director Vicky McClain and Lab Manager Kristie Campbell to share their best practices and critical considerations for planning and implementing an outreach program to achieve this vital trifecta:
        1. Align outreach with organizational goals of population health management and efficiency
        2. Drive ROI
        3. Enhance patient care
        This webinar is best suited for lab leaders looking to initiate an outreach program.

        This webinar is also best suited for hospital administrators seeking to understand the financial and clinical benefits of supporting a strategic outreach program.


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