APR 02, 2020 1:00 PM PDT

PANEL: Specimen Collection and Laboratory Safety

Presented at: Coronavirus Series
  • Jason Chen, MD

    Head of Virology Unit of KingMed Diagnostics
  • Yushen Jiang, MD

    Deputy Director of Central Lab of DIAN Diagnostics
  • Ruben Luo, PhD

    NACCCA Board Secretary, Clinical Fellow of UC San Francisco
  • Chengbin Wang, MD

    Chairman of Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine, Director of Clinical Laboratory of PLA General Hospital, Chief Physician
  • Frank Yang, MD, PhD

    Pathologist (ABP-AP/CP, Hem), Vice President of ADICON Medical Laboratories


The following items will be discussed in this panel presentation:

  • How samples are collected and processed to be tested in reference laboratories
  • The Best practices in collecting respiratory (swab) specimens and the effective protection for sampling staff
  • The effective protection for laboratory professionals when handling blood, urine, stool, and respiratory specimens
  • Next-generation sequencing as it plays an important role in the diagnosis
  • The utility of nucleic acid test and antibody (IgM / IgG) test, i.e., importance of sampling locations, clinical sensitivity and specificity, time window for the test


This panel discussion is provided in collaboration with: 

N  A  C  C  C  A

North American Chinese Clinical Chemists Association

The North American Chinese Clinical Chemistry Association (NACCCA) is a non-profit organization that currently serves hundreds of clinical chemists, scientists, physicians, and physicians from many different countries.

This panel discussion was organized by NACCCA and includes two additional scientific presentations. Laboratory methods, positive rate on various specimens, and method validation process will be introduced. The panel forum will focus on specimen collection process and safety for laboratory professionals.

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