DEC 08, 2022 10:00 AM PST

Re-think High Content Screening: Part 1 - Why old technology doesn't cut it in the new world

Sponsored by: Araceli Biosciences

Event Date & Time
Date:  December 08, 2022
Time: 10:00am (PST),  1:00pm (EST), 7:00pm (CET)
In this webinar, scientists from Araceli Biosciences examine how high content screening (HCS) needs have changed in the time of big data and phenotypic screening. While groundbreaking 20 years ago, advancements in HCS have been limited. This is particularly true when it comes to throughput: speed improvements have been incremental at best, side effects of advances in computing power, LED illumination and camera sensors.
Due to technical limitations and stagnation, there has always been an inherent compromise in HCS: you can either acquire data at low resolution quickly, or acquire at high resolution and sacrifice speed, coverage, or both. With Araceli Endeavor, compromise is no longer necessary. Araceli Endeavor combines speed, sample coverage and throughput – full well, high resolution plate scans in 4 fluorescent channels take < 10 minutes per plate. When paired with Araceli Voyager software, HCS becomes easy, accessible, and scalable. Following an overview of the high content market, we discuss the need for a high throughput, high resolution solution. The conversation then transitions to the implications of this technology on the future of high content screening, detailing what these improvements can mean for your screening. In the time of big data, throughput and image quality are critical. Araceli Endeavor is the only commercially available, big-data generating platform in the discovery space.
Who should attend:
You should attend this webinar if you’re sick of settling for status quo in your high content screening and analysis pipelines. If you’re interested in how to amplify your throughput with a simple-to-use, ultra-fast imaging platform, this is the webinar for you. Those who are interested in phenotypic screening will learn about applications that take advantage of this drastically improved throughput. If you’re at capacity screening 50 plates per week and want to find out how to screen 50 plates per day with one system, you should attend this webinar.


Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.

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