OCT 08, 2020 9:00 AM PDT

The Spatiotemporal Organization, Dynamics, and Function of Virus Replication Centers during Murine Polyomavirus Infection

Sponsored by: Andor
  • Douglas Peters, PhD

    Postdoctoral Research Assistant - BioFrontiers Institute and the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB), University of Colorado Boulder
  • Alan Mullan, PhD

    Product Specialist for Microscopy Cameras at Andor Technology.

Event Date & Time
Date:  October 8, 2020
Time: 9:00am (PDT), 12:00pm (EDT), 5:00pm (GMT)
Small DNA viruses require both host DNA replication and repair factors for their replication. The host cell replication factors are often recruited by the virus to subnuclear domains referred to as viral replication centers (VRCs). Several factors have been immunolocalized to VRCs using fluorescence microscopy, but little else is known about VRC spatiotemporal organization or dynamics. We investigated the organization and function of VRCs during murine polyomavirus (MuPyV) infection using 3D structured illumination microscopy (3D-SIM). We immunolocalized viral and cellular VRC components to spatially distinct VRC subdomains through which viral DNA (vDNA) trafficked sequentially post-synthesis, suggesting these VRC subdomains have distinct functional roles in vDNA processing. We also observed the disruption of VRC organization and function during mutant MuPyV infections or inhibition of DNA synthesis. These results reveal a dynamic organization of VRC components that coordinates MuPyV replication during infection
Learning Objectives
  • This webinar will demonstrate how 3D-SIM can be used to study viral genome replication and the spatial organization of viral replication centers.
  • This webinar will address the application and limitations of quantitative image analysis for super-resolution microscopy data.
  • This webinar will discuss the use of complementary microscopy modalities for studying the polyomavirus-host interface.
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