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The Personalis ACE CancerPlus Test: A Comprehensive DNA & RNA Sequencing Solution for Guiding Clinical Care & Improving Patient Outcomes

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  • Field Applications Scientist, Personalis
      Heather Wetzel is a Field Applications Scientist and Genetic Counselor at Personalis, Inc. She received her Masters in Genetic Counseling from Northwestern University in 2006 and board certification in genetic counseling in 2007. Prior to working at Personalis, Heather worked for 8 years as a clinical Genetic Counselor in specialties including pediatrics, cancer, and prenatal at the University of Illinois, Northwestern, Stanford, and the University of California - San Francisco. Heather currently supports the clinical products at Personalis including the ACE Clinical Exome for Mendelian Diagnostics and the newly launched ACE CancerPlus Test for tumor profiling.


    Oncologists and pathologists are increasingly utilizing information on genomic alterations in tumors to help guide patient care and treatment. Personalis, Inc., a genomic sequencing and interpretation company, has developed a tumor-profiling test that provides clinicians with accurate and comprehensive analysis and clinical reporting of 181 genes to guide treatment decisions.

    Learning Objectives

    1. Understand the current industry challenges with regard to NGS technology and tumor profiling for clinical care.
    2. Appreciate how the use of Personalis’ accuracy and content enhanced (ACE) sequencing platform with DNA & RNA analysis improves precision and reporting in solid tumor testing.
    3. Recognize, through case studies, some of the more common molecular changes identified that may assist in therapeutic management.

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