DEC 01, 2015 7:00 AM PST

WEBINAR: Visualization software creates results quicker and involves Biologists

Sponsored by: Qlucore, Qlucore

Event Date & Time
Date: Dec 1, 2015 7:00am Pacific, 9:00am Central, 10:00am Eastern, 4pm European Time

Data generation is becoming easier and easier but within the fields of bioinformatics and data analysis, scientists and organizations struggle with multiple problems such as maximizing the output of  data, keeping project lead times and utilizing resources wisely.
However, there are solutions available. The software program Qlucore Omics Explorer turns the world of bioinformatics software on its head. It’s so easy to use that a biomedical scientist no longer have to turn to an expert in Bioinformatics to explore data sets and verify hypothesis. It can now be done by the biomedical scientists!
This is possible since the program is built around visualization and an intuitive user interface with focus on ease of use. The different visualization techniques are combined with powerful statistical methods and mathematical algorithms to enable both free data exploration, hypothesis generation as well as statistical tests and easy reporting. With Omics Explorer you immediately see a visual presentation of all results and you do not have to wait. Most actions only require one or two mouse-clicks!
In addition to the highly interactive work model based on dynamic PCA, metrics such as the innovative Projection Score guides also inexperienced users to select correct settings.
Who should attend:
Managers and principal investigators in areas of biology, translational science, bioinformatics…
Managers and staff from core facilities
Bioinformaticians and data analysts
Post docs and PhD students in biology, genetics, proteomics, medicine,…
Learning objectives
Understand how Qlucore Omics Explorer can shorten project lead times and free up bioinformatic resources.
Learn how you can generate new ideas and bring scientists closer to data by using visualization supported by statistical tools

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