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Vitamin D: Optimizing Pain Management

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  • Adjunct Scientist, Toronto Rehab Institute/University Health Network; Medical Director, Rapson Pain and Acupuncture Clinic, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      A graduate of the University of Toronto and a former General Practitioner, Dr. Rapson has 39 years' experience integrating acupuncture into western medicine. For many years her private practice has been comprised mainly of complex cases, about 90% of which involve chronic pain. She has been a lecturer and examiner with the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute for many years and is Executive President of AFCI.
      Since 1992, Dr. Rapson has been consultant to the Acupuncture Clinic at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Lyndhurst Centre (TRILC), a University of Toronto affiliated hospital specializing in the rehabilitation of individuals with spinal cord injuries. She is an Adjunct Scientist at Toronto Rehab and is Principal Investigator of a multi-centre Randomized Clinical Trial on acupuncture for neuropathic pain post-spinal cord injury.
      Dr. Rapson chaired the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Section of the Ontario Medical Association and was President of the Ontario Society of Physicians for Complementary Medicine from their inception in 1999 until 2010.
      Since 1997 she has studied the impact of nutritional supplements and diet on chronic pain and spearheaded the development of a two part course, Nutrition for Docs, that was presented through the Department of Community and Family Medicine at U of T for several years. Dr. Rapson has lectured on the role of vitamin D and magnesium in chronic pain and sees their optimization as critical to managing many painful conditions.



    Recent studies provide evidence that low vitamin D levels can be the cause or aggravating factor for pain in a significant proportion of the population.  Knowledge of our patients' 25OHD level provides us with evidence to make a diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency as reason for their suffering and a tool to correlate with their improvement from supplementation.


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