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What to do, what to do...with all that laboratory data

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  • Analytics Research Director, Center for Advanced Analytics
      Dr. Hohmann's knowledge and use of database development and data use will be beneficial to the execution of the project being proposed to AHRQ which includes improving the use of medications in hospitals. He carries an expertise in comparative effectiveness research and has extensive experience in the design of data resources to support research. He is the Principal Consultant for Research at University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) and faculty at Rush University. UHC is an alliance of 120 academic medical centers and nearly 300 of their affiliated hospitals. Its powerful databases will provide comparative data in clinical, operational, faculty practice management, financial, patient safety, and supply chain areas that we believe is a crucial component to this proposal. Thus, with his appointments at UHC and Rush University, Dr. Hohmann is well positioned to support this project with database content expertise as well as health services research experience, and I am confident that I will contribute significantly to it.


    Big data has been with us for a long time, and tools to explore it continue to improve.  Where are these data resources, how are we using them, and what are we finding as we explore them? Laboratory information systems accumulate billions of results, healthcare organizations collapse them into billions of charges for laboratory services, and healthcare management databases aggregate laboratory activity into millions of items related to labor and other expense of operating laboratories.  These sources feed into gaining insight into provider ordering practices, patient safety outcomes, and operational efficiencies.  Examples include CMS reimbursement incentives and Choosing Wisely campaigns to reduce waste in provider practices, both of which incorporate laboratory data in their measures.  While there are almost infinite opportunities to advance patient safety and organizational efficiency, there are also risks associated with availability, use, and interpretation of big data.  These and other topics will be explored in this presentation.

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