MAR 26, 2024 10am PDT, 12pm CDT, 1pm EDT

Winter Webinar: Navigating Norovirus - From Seasonal Surges to Swift Diagnosis!

Sponsored by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Event Date & Time
Date: March 26, 2024
Time: 10am PDT, 12pm CDT, 1pm EDT
Norovirus is a highly contagious virus and stands as the primary cause of acute gastroenteritis leading to vomiting and diarrhea across all age groups in the United States. Outbreaks of norovirus are especially common during the winter months and, in certain instances, can result in severe illness. This webinar provides an in-depth exploration of the latest insights on norovirus, covering both its clinical and molecular epidemiology. We will examine effective strategies for managing norovirus outbreaks to halt transmission, delve into current treatment options, and discuss candidate vaccines under development. Additionally, the webinar will highlight the importance of diagnostic tests for the swift and precise detection of norovirus infections. We will also identify key challenges that persist in enhancing the control of norovirus-related illnesses.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the clinical and molecular epidemiology of norovirus, including its transmission dynamics and impact on public health.
  • Learn about the latest strategies for managing and preventing norovirus outbreaks, focusing on measures to halt virus transmission.
  • Evaluate the role of diagnostic tests in the rapid and accurate identification of norovirus infections and discuss the challenges that remain in improving the control and management of norovirus-associated diseases.
  • Explore current treatment options for norovirus infections and gain insights into vaccines that are under development.
Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.

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