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CBD-Infused Drinks Not up To Scratch

WRITTEN BY: Angela Dowden

A new analysis suggests that if you buy up a CBD-laced beverage you might not get what you were expecting. Not that any of the products were harmful—just that most didn’t contain the amount of cannabidiol promised on the label.

The research was carried out by Leafreport in conjunction with Canalysis Laboratories, a licensed cannabis testing facility based in Las Vegas. 22 CBD beverages from 20 brands available in the USA were tested to determine their exact CBD (cannabidiol) content.

Out of all 22 drinks, only four had a CBD content that was within 10 per cent of the level advertised on the label. Twelve drinks (54 percent of tested products) contained less CBD than advertised, including two that registered no cannabidiol content at all.

Six drinks contained more CBD than stated on the label, with one containing over 30 percent more.

In all, over 80 percent of all products differed from their advertised CBD content by more than 10 percent, and 61 percent of the products differed from their labels by over 40 percent. 

The study also noted that there was no difference between smaller, more niche brands and the bigger national CBD-infused drinks in terms of their accuracy—both were just as likely to be off.

This report follows on from others that have also found inaccurately labelled CBD products—an FDA investigation found illegal psychoactive THC levels in CBD oils including one with a THC content of 30 percent. A study of UK products also found that more than 50 percent of CBD products did not match the cannabinoid content advertised on their labels.

The current report issues a disclaimer,  explaining that  test results may vary and that the findings should not be seen as “conclusive, complete, error-free, or at all times methodologically or scientifically accurate”. Nothing contained in this report should be construed as a recommendation to use or refrain from taking any product, they add.


Sources: Merry Jane, Leafreport



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