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Resources For Growing Your Own Cannabis

WRITTEN BY: Helaine Krysik

For many reasons, a growing number of cannabis enthusiasts are interested in growing their own at home. Whether it’s the high cost of legal cannabis, convenience, or any number of other issues, this is a growing trend. So, if you’re opting to DIY at home, these resources will help you out with tips, best practices, and the science behind growing the best weed on your own.

From Seed To Stoned is a YouTube Channel geared towards growing cannabis indoors. The videos show viewers how to increase their harvest potential by using easy-to-follow methods, designed for the indoor grower. If this is you, and you’re also limited on space and/or the number of plants you can grow, this channel will be of interest. Check out their guide, How To Start Growing Weed From Home.

The iconic High Times brand has their own YouTube Channel, with several videos on home growing. Also, as the host of the famous Cannabis Cup Awards, their YouTube is worth looking into. You can find every kind of video imaginable on every step of the growing process, with many devoted to indoor needs. Their Grow Tips – Containers is a very popular video devoted to what your grow your weed in.

Another great YouTube Channel for home grow enthusiasts, Marijuana Experts takes viewers through the process from seed to harvest. They also offer reviews, recommendations, and how-to guides. You can get advice on everything from soil to which strains are best for certain ailments through their Beginners Guide: What Do You Need To Start Growing Indoors.

While you can’t go wrong with any of the above channels, as they will all have something different to offer, expect to devote time to mastering the craft of home growing, learning the science, and what works best in your space. Also expect to get different results at different times of the year, depending on the supplies and methods you’re using.


Sources: Seed To Stoned, High Times, Marijuana Experts

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