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Choosing the right soil for cannabis grows

WRITTEN BY: Helaine Krysik

While you can plant and grow cannabis seeds in any soil, you will get different results depending on the type of soil you use. Similar to light, seeds, and location, soil plays a vital role in producing high quality cannabis. So, what’s the right soil for growing weed?

Many experts recommend that growers use a loam soil, which is mix that is popular in organic gardening. Typically, the loam make-up consists of 40 percent silt, 20 percent clay, and 40 percent sand.  This mix provides you a PH level of roughly 6 percent, which is optimal for soil holding on to moisture and nutrients relatively well. That said, be prepared to pay because this type of soil is not cheap.

If you would rather not pay, you may prefer to go in a DIY direction and create your own cannabis soil batch. It can be done but know that it is a fairly involved process. You will want your soil to be rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, so be prepared to supplement your soil with items such as worm castings, bone meal, chicken manure, and kelp, to name a few.

Whether you end up buying the soil or putting it together yourself, there’s a few additional best practices to keep in mind: You want the soil to be packed lightly and loosely, so that the roots have room to grow. You also need your soil to have adequate drainage, as cannabis plants are very sensitive to overwatering, which can create drowning risks. But you also want your soil to be able to hold water so that your plants get the right balance of moisture.

While many factors go into growing high-quality cannabis, having the right soil is an important part of the foundation. Once you have this mastered, you are off to a good start.



Source: MasterClass, Leafly, Royal Queen Seeds

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