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Why is Scott's Miracle-Gro So Popular Amongst Cannabis Growers?

WRITTEN BY: Helaine Krysik

One of the most popular growth hacks in the cannabis community is the use of Scott's Miracle-Gro as a plant food and fertilizer. The soil is known for containing a mix of nutrients and minerals that are essential to the growth and development of cannabis plants. These are the main benefits:

Balanced nutrient profile

Gro contains a rich mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are the three main nutrients that cannabis plants need to grow in each of its distinctive stages.

Controlled release

The plant food offers a controlled release technology, which helps to slowly feed the plants over time, another feature that makes Gro ideal for the various growth stages of the plant. This ensures the plants receiving a steady, consistent supply of the necessary nutrients.

Ease of use

Gro is very user-friendly, and widely available in gardening stores everywhere. It comes in several varieties, including liquid and granular options, which makes it convenient for growers wanting to find a product to suit their specific needs. This is a great fit for new growers, helping to shorten the learning curve in home growing.


Gro is affordable, especially when compared with other brands, which can be more attractive to home growers on smaller budgets, or new to growing. New growers may want to keep their supplies affordable until they gain more experience and learn the basics.

Overall, while Gro is a great option, it’s important to keep in mind that other fertilizers and plant foods can be just as suitable. Depending on the strains that a grower is cultivating, the growing conditions, and the experience of the grower, different nutrient formulations may be a better fit. Home growers should always do their research and try different mixes to find what works best for their needs.


Sources: Frontiers in Plant Science, Leafly, Sacramento Bee

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