FEB 25, 2019 4:06 PM PST

Why Do Bad Foods Feel Addictive

WRITTEN BY: Abbie Arce

If you’ve ever eaten a whole sleeve of cookies I felt awful about it afterward you’re hardly alone. They are just so delicious and one more doesn’t seem like it could hurt. Then when you’re finished the guild hits, and you blame yourself.

The reality is that you’re being targeted. Food companies hire teams of scientists who are provided with endless funds and world-class technology. The science of what makes food pleasurable has been weaponized and then aimed directly at consumers.

Food companies will do anything they can to get you addicted. They are not just making unhealthy foods appealing with sleek, beautiful advertising. They’re also adding addictive substances to their products to make it difficult for you to resist the temptation. These companies are manufacturing instant pleasure, for a small financial investment.



In the above Ted talk Laura Schmidt scientist and professor of health policy, discusses how despite the low financial cost, the cost to public health is great as these foods contribute to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.


Sources: Ted Ideas Worth Spreading

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Abbie is an AFAA certified personal trainer and fitness instructor with an interest in all things health-science. She has recently graduated with her BS in Applied Sport and Exercise Science from Barry University in Miami. Next, she intends to earn an MPH with a focus in Epidemiology.
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