FEB 25, 2019 4:54 PM PST

Breathalyzer Testing For Chronic Illness

WRITTEN BY: Abbie Arce
In the fight against disease, medicine has turned its focus from curing illness, to prevention. The prevention of disease requires studies to determine what populations are most at risk. On the individual level, screening is necessary to catch a disease in its early stages.
For screening to be widely implemented it needs to be low-cost, time conscious, and easy to implement. Few screenings today are that simple. This begs the question: what screening procedures might we be overlooking in our quest for better health?
In the video below technologist, Julian Burschka discusses breath analysis as a reliable testing method that we have long neglected for use in medicine. Although commonly used by law enforcement in the form of breathalyzer tests these types of devices might be able to detect chronic disease early on accurately.


When your breath is analyzed, the device puts out a complex signature. This signature represents your unique biochemical processes. These signatures need only be correlated with specific diseases to produce new preventive technologies.
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Abbie is an AFAA certified personal trainer and fitness instructor with an interest in all things health-science. She has recently graduated with her BS in Applied Sport and Exercise Science from Barry University in Miami. Next, she intends to earn an MPH with a focus in Epidemiology.
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