MAR 02, 2020 9:10 AM PST

Bluetooth-enabled skin patch monitors diabetics' glucose levels

WRITTEN BY: Tara Fernandes

A new wearable skin patch could completely transform the daily glucose tracking routines for diabetics. This innovation, developed by the UK-based company Nemaura Medical, transmits data on circulating glucose to a mobile app via Bluetooth every five minutes. This continuous glucose monitor (CGM), named sugarBEAT®, is both non-invasive and inexpensive, making it a considerable step-up from traditional CGM devices

At just one millimeter in thickness, the disposable sugarBEAT® skin patch is designed to be inconspicuous and comfortable for use during an individual’s waking hours. A closer look at the mechanics of the device reveals tiny electronic currents that draw interstitial fluid from tissues towards the surface of the skin. The amount of glucose present in this liquid is indicative of its concentration in the blood, with the device alerting the wearer to take the required measures to stabilize glucose levels as needed.



CEO of Nemaura, Faz Chowdhury, said: “We believe that most people with diabetes do not currently use any continuous glucose monitoring system due to the high costs and the invasiveness of current products. We believe that sugarBEAT® changes this paradigm and is the first non-invasive CGM to provide the [masses] an option for daily monitoring whenever they choose at an affordable price point.”

Recently, the biotech announced plans to conduct several studies in 2020 to demonstrate the feasibility of the device as an alternative or complementary method for managing diabetes.

Researchers predict a staggering 463 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide, with that number set to spike considerably in the next decade. Keeping an eye on glucose levels and adjusting them regularly with a reliable CGM system is a fundamental part of controlling the progression of diabetes, together with lifestyle changes and pharmaceutical interventions.

Optimistic of the device’s revolutionary potential, Chowdhury said, “We believe that sugarBEAT®'s flexibility empowers users with very powerful trend data at a lower cost compared to current CGM's, which we believe will encourage broad adoption of the system"


Sources: Streetwise Reports, Nemaura Medical


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