APR 22, 2021 2:16 AM PDT

New Method To Fast Track Drug Development

WRITTEN BY: Nouran Amin

The time it takes to respond to disease outbreaks is critical. But designing drugs to combat these disease outbreaks is often challenged with a slow process. However, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder designed a platform, known as The Facile Accelerated Specific Therapeutic (FAST), that can quickly deliver a highly specific peptide nucleic acid therapies for in just one week. Findings were published in in Nature Communications Biology and describes how the conclusions can motivate how we may change responses to pandemics and how to address the antibiotic resistance crisis.

"The applications for the real world are immense in that we have created a platform -- not just a single therapeutic," says Kristen Eller, a PhD candidate in the Chatterjee Group, is the first author on the new paper. "It is adaptive, dynamic and can be altered to target any bacterial species that is a threat while also being modulated to develop antivirals as needed."

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Source: Science Daily

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