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An Irie World Without Cancer - Jamaican Scientist Claims Breakthrough Therapy
WRITTEN BY: Kareem Heslop
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Is there really a cancer cure on the horizon? Well a Jamaican scientist, Dr. Lawrence Williams seems to think so! In fact, he claims to have derived a compound from natural plant products that shows selective killing ability toward cancer cells in twelve different types of cancer.

Dr. Lawrence Williams, a research consultant at Jamaica's Scientific Research Council (SRC), is a toxicologist that has been studying the plant Petiveria alliacea, also known as "Guinea Hen Weed," or "Strong Man's Weed." He and his team have reportedly been offered by a major drug company in the United States, 100 million dollars for their patented drug.

Guinea Hen Weed is one of the 822 medicinal plants found in Jamaica. It is a perennial herb that grows up to one meter in height, it has dark leathery leaves and a pungent garlic odor. It also has pesticidal and medicinal properties. Guinea Hen Weed is known to South Americans as "Anamu," and is often used to induce abortions in the Amazon rainforest, Central and South America and Africa.

Dr. Williams and his team have isolated two polysulfides from the Guinea Hen Weed. The Plant has been implicated in several research studies before this that have shown the inhibitory effect of Guinea Hen on cancer cell proliferation. However, this Jamaican team of researchers and their collaborators believe that they have identified the active compounds that cause this effect.

The thymus become less active after the late twenties in humans and is known to make us more susceptible to degenerative diseases, says Dr. Williams. In their mouse models the thymus of aged mice was reactivated with the treatment of their product. The scientists believe that this compound reactivates the thymus and "hopefully" prevents the body from degenerating at a faster rate.

There is global optimism about the possibility of developing a cancer treatment that will effectively cure this disease. As we draw closer to putting the bits of this jigsaw puzzle that is cancer together, we see the bigger picture forming. For now it is but a dream, but a world without cancer... Can there be?

This video highlights the results of Dr. Lawrence William's study on Petiveria alliacea and reveals his take on the actions of his drug on cancer cell proliferation and treatment. For more information on his work and life this series of videos will give a detailed description of this.

(Sources: The Gleaner, RJR News)

  • I am an undergraduate Biotechnology major at Claflin University whose research interest is the pursuit of the missing link of metabolism in cancer genesis and development.

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