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Here's What Happens to Your Body in the First Hour of Drinking a Single Can of Coke

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Coca-Cola is a very popular soft drink; if a restaurant doesn’t have Coke dispensers, it probably has its competing brand Pepsi, which is essentially still cola, but with a different texture and flavor.

Although some people have Coca-Cola only on occasion, there are people that binge drink the stuff like it was bottled water.

The delicious soda may taste good, but it can have some not-so-thrilling side effects to the body, such as obesity, diabetes, and breakouts, and just one hour after drinking one can of the stuff, you’d be amazed at what your body does with the stuff.

This infograph shows, minute by minute, what can happen to your body within the first 60 minutes of consuming just one can of Coca-Cola:

Coca-Cola probably isn't one of the best drinks for you to have.

From the moment you sip that first sip, to the moment you finish the can, your body is processing all the sugars, caffeine, acidity, and chemical reactions from the drink.

Throughout the first hour, you’ll experience a sugar rush because Coca-Cola is loaded with sugars. Your body then combats the sugars with insulin and produces fat. Afterwards, your body starts feeling the effects of caffeine with pupil dilation, feelings of being wide awake, and similar pleasuring feelings that a drug like heroin would give you.

As your body continues processing the chemicals, the Coca-Cola will force your body to boost metabolism a bit; meanwhile, your body will have increased feelings of having to urinate, and when you do, you’ll lose out on all sorts of nutrients that could have been used to fortify your body’s bones and teeth and even hydrate you.

The general rule of thumb here is that Coca-Cola is not a good hydration drink in the summer, and that it can rob your body of nutrients before they even get the chance to work on your body. What tastes good many not always have the sweetest of effects on your body.

Source: The Renegade Pharmacist

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