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This Infographic Details What Happens to Your Body After Just an Hour of Eating a Big Mac

It wasn’t too long ago that an infographic revealing what your body does just one hour after consuming a can of Coca-Cola soda made headlines all over the Internet, but now a new one all about McDonalds’ Big Mac is getting all the attention.
The Big Mac is arguably one of McDonalds’ most well-known sandwiches. The fast food company has offered the Big Mac since 1967, and even since then, the sandwich is still a one-of-a-kind double-decker hamburger with McDonalds’ legendary Big Mac sauce.
For years, the sandwich has been regarded as a high-calorie entrée. It’s one of the items on McDonalds’ menu that lots of people stray away from to avoid health and weight complications down the line, but nonetheless, it remains a popular menu item.
This infographic, first shared by a Web site known as Fast Food Menu Price, explains some of the things that your body does with the Big Mac about one hour after consuming one. Disclaimer: take the information with a grain of salt, because everyone’s body is different and will behave differently to consuming different food types:

Starting with the good feelings that our body may experience by the rising dopamine levels, which are a direct result of the high-calorie junk food that our brains love, you’ll begin to crave more later on. Whether you choose to go with the buy-one-get-one-free coupon you may have received in the newspaper, or just choose to come back at a later date, junk food tends to have an ‘addictive’ quality that makes you want to come back for more later on.
Half an hour later, the high sodium content from the Big Mac will cause dehydration and make you super thirsty. More than likely, you’re already sucking on a soft drink, which doesn’t exactly help with dehydration problems. You should really hit up some water instead. The high sodium content is also linked to heart problems and even strokes, since it causes a rise in blood pressure.
The infographic also suggests that you may even want more because the dehydration effects can be easily mistaken for being hungry. If you did end up buying more than one, you may be chowing down on that second one by now.
For the rest of the day, your body will work hard to digest the Big Mac. Being that it’s a fatty hamburger, with tons of grease, your body takes longer to actually compete passing it through your system. It can take days to digest a Big Mac completely, which may be helped by a proper fiber diet.
The idea here isn’t the bash the Big Mac; comparatively, it’s about as healthy as any other large burger that you grill at home or buy from your local burger joint. The infographic does, on the other hand, explain that the Big Mac is something you should only enjoy on occasion. It’s never a good idea to make unhealthy foods a daily habit, as this is typically when health problems begin to occur.

By all means, enjoy your Big Mac once in a while!

Source: Fast Food Menu Price via Yahoo! News

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