OCT 12, 2020 8:30 AM PDT

How to Improve Your Online Teaching for the Pandemic

WRITTEN BY: Annie Lennon

The COVID-19 pandemic majorly disrupted education around the world. With many having had to learn the ins and outs of virtual learning overnight at the dawn of global lockdowns in early 2020, it seems that it is here to stay- especially as we enter the second wave of COVID-19. Many students are resorting to using the internet to get around some of their school responsibilities such as writing papers using this service from its official site, or creating resumes using resume builder. This has made education even more challenging but there are always some best practices and resources that one can keep in mind:

About the Author
Annie Lennon is a writer whose work also appears in Medical News Today, Psych Central, Psychology Today, and other outlets. When she's not writing, she is COO of Xeurix, an HR startup that assesses jobfit from gamified workplace simulations.
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