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The Taconic-Cyagen Academic Model Generation Alliance


With more than 15 years of experience in genetic engineering, Cyagen utilizes a highly efficient process, including proprietary AI technology, to design and deliver novel genetically engineered models with precision and competitive pricing, allowing researchers worldwide to create, manage, and monitor models with ease.

Taconic Biosciences provides the best solutions for the generation and supply of novel genetically engineered models by leveraging the most comprehensive, fully licensed gene modification toolkit in the industry.

The Taconic-Cyagen Academic Model Generation Alliance (The Alliance) has capabilities to ensure the success of any project. The Alliance provides specially-tailored products and services for the academic and non-profit markets. Together, we have streamlined the model design process to provide the academic market access to premium model generation and colony management services backed by comprehensive capabilities and cutting-edge, fully licensed technologies with competitive pricing.

As partners, Taconic and Cyagen leverage the power of our complementary approaches to redefine the customer’s experience with custom model generation by bringing the best and most competitive solutions for their projects.

The Complete Solution for Academic Model Generation

The Alliance redefines what non-profit researchers can expect from a custom model generation service provider and partner. What this means for you is a full catalog of cost effective, guaranteed model generation services, and access to accelerated timelines and downstream comprehensive breeding services. Multiple delivery options that allow for direct import into your facility mitigate quarantine and cost concerns associated with traditional importation*.

Academic Model Generation Benefits of the Alliance

Integration from Start to Finish

1. Fast Project Scoping: the Alliance can leverage AI-powered processes to generate quotes for your project as fast as 2 business days.

2. Cost Effective, Guaranteed Model Generation: Each project with the alliance comes with a guaranteed deliverable to facilitate discovery. We are also aware of the budgetary constraints non-profit researchers may face and aim to maximize the value of each project.

3. Comprehensive Capabilities: The Alliance provides researchers with access to a comprehensive toolkit of technologies, including but not limited to: CRISPR/Cas9, transgenic technology, PiggyBac, and embryonic stem cell (ESC)-based homologous recombination (HR).

4. Flexible Delivery Options: With a variety of delivery and rederivation options, The Alliance can deliver your model to your vivarium without the need for quarantine no matter your vivarium's restrictions*.

5. Access to Accelerated Timelines: With the ability to rapidly generate age matched cohorts of 20-40+ animals at any Taconic health standard, the Alliance can drastically reduce time spent on conventional breeding strategies.

Alliance Academic Model Generation Capabilities

1. Knockouts (KO)

2. Conditional Knockouts and Knock-ins (cKO/cKI)

3. Point Mutation Knock-ins

4. Large-fragment Knock-ins (LFKI)

5. Humanization

6. Transgenics

The Alliance provides researchers with access to a comprehensive toolkit of technologies, including but not limited to: CRISPR/Cas9, transgenic technology, PiggyBac, and embryonic stem cell (ESC)-based homologous recombination (HR).

Partner with Us for Your Next Project

With access to Taconic’s expertise, quality, and flexibility, now combined with Cyagen’s speed, efficiency, and economical business model, our team will guide you through the process to the best technical solution, service level, and deliverable for your study.

To learn how The Alliance can get to work on your research, request a consultation for a custom model design today. Tell us about your research and goals, timeline, and budget, and let our expert partner with you on your next study.


About the Sponsor
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Cyagen is a 700-employee company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with additional locations in Japan and China. As a leading provider of complete research model solutions, we offer a “one-stop-shop” tailored to biomedical scientists’ gene research needs. Our custom murine model generation services range from DNA vector construction to embryonic stem cell manipulation, microinjection, breeding, and more. All projects are fully customizable and flexible.
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