DEC 19, 2017 12:25 PM PST

For the Love of Stem Cells

WRITTEN BY: Jennifer Ellis

Did you know that stem cells were first discovered in 1868 by German biologist Ernst Haeckel? Or that the first successful human bone marrow transplant was used to treat Leukemia in 1956? Stem cell research has been ongoing for quite some time. While stem cells tend to be involved in somewhat heated debates about their origin and use, these cells are extremely valuable to new treatment and transplant technologies.

Given their ability to differentiate into other cell types provided the right stimulus and environment, stem cell studies integrate into most therapeutic disciplines, including cancer, regeneration, transplants, and prosthetics. Research is slowly figuring out how best to use these cells, what types can be used for which disease, and how can we deliver them to the right areas in the body. Here is what you need to know about stem cells and why they might end up in your next treatment.

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