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How To Treat Chronic Wounds For Diabetes Patients

According to the latest statistics, more than 10% of adults in the U.S. have diabetes. These days, this condition is considered one of the most critical health concerns in the world. Doctors state that the number of patients is more likely to increase in the nearest future due to bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. 

Untreated type 2 diabetes may lead to kidney damage, dialysis, an increased risk for heart disease and blindness. Also, diabetes is one of the major causes of chronic wounds. Approximately 20% of people with this disease around the world have non-healing chronic wounds, especially on the lower extremities.

Diabetes directly affects the immune system, circulatory, and nerves. This, in turn, causes the wounds. The patients are not always aware they have a blister or small cut that can escalate. That’s why it is recommended to create a daily habit of checking your arms, legs, feet, and hands - these are the areas of possible wound development. 

Unfortunately, for people with diabetes, all burns, cuts, and wounds can lead to severe health issues, including infection. 

If you have a wound, keep pressure off the area since it may only damage your skin. You will also need to remove dead tissue that promotes bacteria. To aid in wound healing, apply medication, and tegaderm dressing. Cleanse it daily and keep it bandaged.

You need to make an appointment with your doctor in case of swelling, persistent pain, burning, tingling, and loss of sensation.

Learn more about Type 2 diabetes  in the infographic below:

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