MAR 21, 2023 10:15 AM PDT

Building a Network for Black Women in Science with Tomi Akingbade | The Life of Her Mind Ep. 6


Tomi Akingbade is the founder of the Black Women in Science Network and a Ph.D. student in Neurochemistry at the University of Cambridge. Tomi’s scientific research centers on the inflammatory mechanisms of aggregates in Alzheimer’s disease.

Interested in science since childhood, Tomi founded the Black Women in Science Network as a response to the lack of frank conversations about being a Black woman in science, and the supportive community such conversations generate. The image of what it is to be a scientist is changing, and must continue to do so, if the sciences are to achieve a comprehensive understanding of nature. Partly to that end, Tomi is working to expand the Black Women in Science Network into a global organization.


About the series: The Life of Her Mind is dedicated to learning about how women think about their careers, disciplines, and future. Each episode focuses on a single professional working in or around the sciences, with an eye toward uncovering what makes each individual’s contributions unique.

The series is hosted by Labroots Science Writer Mia Wood, Ph.D., a philosophy professor and writer living and working at the intersection of philosophy and everything else. Among her relevant interests are the philosophy of early modern science, the nature of consciousness, and personal identity.

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